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What is the result of Poland vs Saudi Arabia match, the advantage is Argentina

What happened, and why did it happen… After Lionel Messi lost to Saudi Arabia, this question has arisen in the minds of Argentine players, team management, fans, and even the world’s football lovers. At the same time, there may be a question in everyone’s mind – what is the calculation of Messi-di Mariad’s rise to the last sixteen?

Qatar World Cup Poland vs Saudi Arabia

But one calculation is very simple – Argentina’s knockout stage is guaranteed if they win the next two matches. And if Argentina wins one of the two matches against Mexico and Poland and loses one, then Messi will have to settle a lot of calculations to go to the last sixteen. We have to look at the two matches of Mexico and Poland vs Saudi Arabia

Qatar World Cup 2022 Full Fixture

Not many people think that Saudi Arabia will win their next two matches in the group. If this happens, Argentina can reach the last sixteen with 4 points from the next two matches.

Messi will play their next match tomorrow, against Mexico. Before that, Saudi Arabia and Poland will meet in the ‘C’ group. Argentina will want the victory of Saudi Arabia in this match to make their work easier. Let’s see the next amazing Match Poland vs Saudi Arabia

If Saudi Arabia wins, they will secure the last sixteen with 6 points from 2 matches. Poland’s points will then be 1 in 2 matches. They will play the last match of the group against Argentina. Robert Lewandowski’s side will be out of contention for a place in the second round if they lose to Argentina.

Tomorrow, if Saudi Arabia wins against Poland and Argentina wins against Mexico, the account will be like this before the last match of the group – Saudi Arabia will be on top with 6 points, and Argentina will be in second place with 3 points. Poland and Mexico will be followed by 1 point.

The last two matches of the ‘C’ group will then become very important. If Mexico wins one of those two matches against Saudi Arabia, they will have 4 points. Argentina then beat Poland to secure the last sixteen. And if Argentina loses, they will be knocked out of the tournament. If neither of these things happens, the Argentina-Poland match is a draw, then Messi will also have 4 points.

They will equal points with Mexico. In that case, the team leading on goal difference will go to the next round. If the goal difference is equal, the team with more goals in all the matches in the group stage will reach the last sixteen. and the Next Match Poland vs Saudi Arabia

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