Ronaldo opened his mouth after receiving ‘punishment’

Cristiano sat on the bench for Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Tottenham. At the end of the match, he was seen warming up near the dugout but did not enter the field in the end. On the other hand, before the end of the match, Ronaldo left the dugout and went through the tunnel.

Man United coach Erik ten Haag did not take Ronaldo’s departure before the end of the match. As punishment for Ronaldo’s behavior, the United coach left him out of the squad for tomorrow’s match against Chelsea.

He has to play as a substitute since the beginning of the season. Then the match against Manchester City in the Manchester derby was spent warming the bench. United coach Ten Haag was criticized for keeping He on the bench after that match. According to the English media, Ten Haag wanted to bring Ronaldo to the field for two to four minutes at the end of the match against Tottenham yesterday. Unable to accept that, He left the field before the end of the match.


But after receiving the punishment, Ronaldo seems to realize that he made a mistake. That is why he tried to explain the whole matter in his Instagram post. He started writing there like this, ‘I have wanted to play with the respect of teammates, mentors, and coaches throughout my career. It has not changed yet. I haven’t changed either.’

He didn’t stop there. United’s Portuguese star then wrote, ‘In a 20-year elite football career, I am the same as I was before. Respect has always played an important role in my decision-making process.’

A few days ago there was news that, despite spending time on the bench at United, Ronaldo is helping the young players to develop. But what he did in the Tottenham match yesterday is not at all exemplary for young players. Remembering this, Ronaldo may have written, ‘I have always wanted to set an example for young people. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. ‘

He wants to forget the incident of the Tottenham match and move forward now. At the end of his post, he wrote, ‘Now I feel like going to Carrington (United’s training ground) to work hard. Want to help teammates? And I want to give my best according to the situation of the match.

Ronaldo wrote at the end of all, ‘Cracking under pressure is not a job.’

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