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 Neymar and Barca will have to stand in court in fraud and corruption cases |

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Brazilian investment firm DIS sued Santos for fraud and corruption over Neymar’s move to Barcelona in 2013.

Champions League News Neymar will have to stand in court for that case next week. The DIS yesterday demanded five years imprisonment for the accused in the case.
The proceedings of the case will start on Monday in Barcelona. Along with Neymar, the defendants, in this case, are his parents, the two clubs Barcelona and Santos, and the three former presidents of the two clubs. Two former Barca presidents are Josep Maria Bartomeu, Sandro Russell, and former Santos president Odilo Rodriguez. Champions League News Neymar and Barca

DIS owned 40 percent of Neymar while he was at Santos. According to the company, the real amount of Neymar’s transfer from the Brazilian club to Barcelona was not disclosed. In this, DIS did not get the money it was supposed to get as per the entitlement, it got less. The trial began after PSG star Neymar denied the allegations and lost an appeal to Spain’s highest court in 2017. Champions League News Neymar and Barca

Neymar and Barca Lawyer Baker McKenzie will fight the case on behalf of Neymar and his family. He told the Reuters news agency that since the transfer was made in Brazil through its citizens, it will be argued that the Spanish court “does not have the legal jurisdiction to judge Neymar’s family”.Champions League News Neymar and Barca

Neymar and Barca In addition to Neymar’s two years in prison, the plaintiff’s lawyers also demanded a fine of 1 million euros. In addition, Barça’s president at the time, Russell, has been sentenced to five years in prison and the Catalan club has been fined 8.4 million euros. There have also been calls for Bartomeu to be jailed. In total, DIS has demanded a penalty of 149 million euros from the defendant.

Russell has previously denied all allegations. No comment was received from his representative. Barcelona and Bartomeu were not immediately available for comment. Reuters could not contact Odilo Rodriguez, the former president of Santos.

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When Brazilian star Neymar was 17 years old, DIS acquired 40 percent of his ownership in exchange for 20 million euros. It is said that Neymar was not sold at the market price at that time. Sold for less than that. When Neymar was flown from Santos, Barca said the price of this transfer was 5 million 71 million euros. Of this, 4 million euros have been given to Neymar’s family. DIS gets 40 percent of the 1.71 million euros paid to Santos.

Champions League News “Neymar was not sold to the highest bidder,” DIS lawyer Paulo Nasser told reporters in Barcelona yesterday. There were also clubs interested in buying him for 6 million euros.

Neymar’s lawyers counter that he must sell to the highest bidder, a rule that does not apply to football transfers. Because here the will and reluctance of the player are also involved. “A player is not a product. She’s a person, free of her own will,’ says Becky McKenzie. This lawyer on behalf of Neymar’s family claimed that Santos had taken Neymar’s written permission in 2011 to negotiate with other clubs.

Neymar must attend the first day of court proceedings in Barcelona on Monday. The hearing of this case may last for two weeks.

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