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Champions League  6 minutes, Salah’s 3 Rangers net Liverpool’s 7 | Salah holds the record for the fastest hat-trick

3 Salah in 6 minutes, 7 for Liverpool on the goal of Rangers Salah holds the record for the fastest hat-trick in the Champions League. Liverpool fans may be starting to have nightmares after they conceded an early goal. Jurgen Klopp’s team has been out of shape lately. But who knew, something else was waiting for this match. Liverpool tied with a goal from Roberto Firmino.

Then, in the second half, Salah Ferminora completely crushed the Scottish opponents. The English club scored 6 goals against the Rangers in this half. Where Mohamed Salah records a hat-trick in 6 minutes. Firmino scored twice. Liverpool won the match 7-1.

Champions League

Salah was not in the starting lineup for this match. He also recently suffered from an irregular heartbeat. Therefore, Salah’s exit from the bench was not a complete surprise. In the 68th minute of the match, this Egyptian striker entered the field instead of Ninezer. At the time, Liverpool was leading 3-1 in the match.

What Salah did next on the pitch was nothing more than a riot. He started in the 75th minute of the match. Salah perfectly controlled the ball inside the D-box and scored a superb shot. After 5 minutes the magic salah again.

Salah found the net direction by avoiding the opponent’s three-player trap. Salah’s goal in the 1st minute was a reversal of the previous goal. The magic of the end gave the team a 6-1 lead. Later, Harvey Elliott opened the difference 7-1 before Salah Jador closed the difference.

Before, the match had begun to be forgotten for Liverpool. Recently, he conceded early goals in many matches. This time was no exception. Scud Airfield, wide open, put the ball into the net with a superb shot.

That first goal is what excites Liverpool. Firmino nodded from the corner. But in the first half, we have to accept equality. Firmino and Nunez scored in the first half to make it 3-1. So the rest is Salah’s show. Salah also set a new record by scoring a hat-trick in this match.

Salah has scored more Champions League goals than any player in the Premier League. (38). On this journey, he has outdone Chelsea legend Didier Drogba and Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero. Both scored 36 goals each.

Despite the great victory, Liverpool must remain under Napoli. 12 points from Napoli in 4 matches, 9 points from Liverpool, and 3 points from Ajax in the tied matches.

Salah holds the record for the fastest hat trick in the Champions League

Mohamed Salah is gone. Jurgen Klopp’s team selection at least hinted at that. On the bench against Rangers in the Champions League, after he came as a substitute against Arsenal in the last round of the league. He 2 goals in 8 league games they didn’t talk about.

But the 30-year-old Egyptian striker said he still had a lot to offer. In addition, Salah also set the record for the highest goal among African Premier League players in the first European Championship.

Salah, who did not get a place initially, entered the field in front of the Rangers in the 68th minute. At that time, Liverpool was leading 3-1.

Salah scored his first goal after eight minutes in the 76th minute. After the second goal in the 80th minute, he scored the third goal in the 82nd minute. All three goals in 6 minutes and 12 seconds!
French striker Bafetimbi Gomez holds the record for the fastest hat trick in the history of the Champions League. In 2011 against Dinamo Zagreb, the then-striker scored three goals in 7 minutes.

Interestingly enough, Diego Jota assisted in all three of Salah’s goals. Franck Ribery provided all the assists in Mario Gomez’s Bayern hat trick in 2012. After 10 years, the Portuguese striker helped Salah’s hat-trick in the Champions League.

Salah passed some achievements on his way to the fastest hat trick in the history of the Champions League. Salah is now the footballer with the most goals in the Premier League from the highest European championship with 38 goals. He scored this goal in only 6 seasons.

Chelsea’s Didier Drogba and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero were the first with 36 goals. Drogba took 8 seasons, Aguero 10 seasons.
Salah outperformed Ivory Coast legend Drogba with another position.

The former Chelsea star scored 44 goals in the Champions League, and Salah surpassed him among African footballers with 45 goals (7 for Roma and Basel).
Salah is the third player in Liverpool to score a hat-trick as a substitute. Previously, Steve Stanton in 1989 and Steven Gerrard in 2010 achieved the same feat.

In total, Salah has now scored 164 goals in a Liverpool shirt in 267 appearances, the eighth highest in the club’s history. Kenny Dalglish leads with 172 goals.

Liverpool coach Klopp hopes Salah will score more goals in the next matches after the treble: “Everyone knows he’s a great player, he showed that again today.” When he’s alert, he looks different than everyone else. I hope he gets back in shape after this performance.”

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