What happened, why – after flying to Man City 6-3 in the Manchester derby, these two questions seem to be spinning at Old Trafford!

Manchester coach Eric ten Haag gave an explanation – his team lost in this way due to a lack of faith in themselves on the field!

Former United defender Gary Neville says otherwise. Neville said on Sky Sports after losing consecutive wins in the previous four games – this match showed how far behind Manchester City this United team is.

United should be ashamed

Looking for reasons for Ten Hoag’s defeat, Neville tries to show the difference in strength and ability between United and Man City. Another former United star Roy Keane is not borrowing these.

The former captain of the team said to Ten Hagder, ‘I am very disappointed to see how deplorable the condition of UTD is. I can’t believe Manchester United can play so badly. They should be ashamed.’

Neville also spoke negatively after United’s defeat at Man City’s Etihad.
The former English footballer and current football pundit said on Sky Sports, “This match has shown that are far behind Man City at the moment.”

Have we disappointed the fans, disappointed ourselves?
Ten Haag can’t find anything positive after such a match. At the end of the match, he said, ‘I can’t think of anything positive right now.
United’s season in the Premier League has started badly. They lost their first two games to Brighton and Brentford. But United’s turned around by winning the next four matches. Two of those four wins came against Liverpool and Arsenal.
After winning four matches in a row, UTD  players should have a strong wind in their sails of confidence. But in the match against City yesterday, the opposite was seen on the field, according to coach Ten Haag.

Analyzing the reasons for the loss at the end of the match, Ten Haag said, ‘When we don’t believe in ourselves on the field, you can’t win the match. It’s a simple calculation. In fact, it is a lack of faith. It came as a surprise to me. We were not brave in possession. Man City gave us a lot of space to play. But we could not show courage.


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