insulting Ronaldo

Did Cristiano Ronaldo think that such a day would ever come?

There was a time when he was the king of Manchester United. What a tough and important match he won for the Old Trafford team.

That Ronaldo is now a brother in United, neglected too. He had to spend only warming the bench in an important match against city rivals Manchester City!

Roy Keane, the former captain of the team, who won nine titles for United, including three Premier Leagues and one Champions League, cannot accept Ronaldo’s behavior. Ronaldo played two seasons with this former midfielder.

The two won the FA Cup together in the 2003–04 season. Can’t stand the plight of former teammates! insulting Ronaldo

Coach Erik ten Haag did not field Ronaldo in the match that lost 6-3 to city rivals Man City yesterday.
At the end of the match, Keane was furious, “I think United did nothing but insult Ronaldo.”

insulting Ronaldo

Ronaldo himself wanted to leave United at the end of last season. At that time, the United authorities held Ronaldo by force insulting Ronaldo.

But Keen sees no point in keeping a player like him, “I think it’s ridiculous to keep him on the bench like that.”

The 37-year-old Ronaldo’s insulting is still in demand in the football world, Keane said, ‘I know he had clubs to leave. If one thinks that he has no place to go, that would be an idle thought. As far as I know, he has four to five good options to leave.

Keen also took a hand from coach Ten Haag for keeping Ronaldo in this way, ‘I think the coach is holding him back. Well, when you say you need a substitute, you don’t keep Ronaldo on the bench.

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