Ronaldo Ibrahim Holland

When was Ronaldo Ibrahim Holland in the middle of his career?

Most talked about his speed and quickness. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is always talked about for his long legs. How many impossible goals he has made with two long legs!

What does Earling Holland have?

If such a question is asked, what answer will you get?
Some might say Holland has everything. One can ask the counter question again – what does Manchester City’s Norwegian striker not have?

Peter Smeikel, the former goalkeeper of Manchester United and Manchester City, cannot match what is not in Holland. So, after Holland’s hat trick and Phil Foden’s two assists in the Manchester derby, Schmeichel said easily – Holland is one of many!

Man City beat United 6-3 in the Manchester derby with two hat-tricks.

Ronaldo’s speed, Ibrahimovic’s long legs… 22-year-old Holland has everything, says Smeikel, ‘You look at Holland and you will see goals like Zlatan. Ronaldo is also in it. You see, one of the world’s top strikers is in this one. That’s why he’s so scary.’ Ronaldo Ibrahim Holland

What is the way not to talk about Holland?

The Norwegian striker has been scoring goals since joining Man City.

His goals are 14 in 8 matches in the Premier League, including yesterday’s hat-trick. Scored three hat-tricks, all at home.

Holland became the first player to score a hat-trick in three consecutive home games in the Premier League. His number of goals in all competitions is 17 in 11 matches! Ronaldo Ibrahim Holland

Man City coach Pep Guardiola described Holland’s goal-to-match ratio as ‘scary’.

After the match, Man City’s Spanish coach said, ‘The numbers speak for him. He’s done it here before…the numbers are actually scary!’ Ronaldo Ibrahim Holland

“Ronaldo will shut up critics” Sayes Cristiano Ronaldo

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